• May I line up a new patient appointment without a referral?

    Yes, though we’re happy to work with any referring physician too.

  • Do I need a diagnosis before I come to you?

    No. We provide comprehensive diagnostics as part of our new patient intake. To provide the most complete diagnostics, LifeSeasons Medical Clinic (LSMC) works with multiple diagnostic labs and outsources complex imaging services.

  • Do you meet with patients remotely (distance medicine/telemedicine)?

    We can provide remote consultations (via phone and email), but only as follow-up to an in-person new client intake process. Functional medicine depends on establishing face-to-face rapport, as well as a full in-person physical exam.

  • Can I quit working with my conventional doctor and go to my LSMC doctor instead?

    LSMC physicians are happy to serve you as your Primary Care Provider (PCP) if that’s your preference. However, there are some urgent care and family practice services that we do not provide, including: strep and sinus infection diagnostics and care, UTI diagnostics and care, pap-smears, flu shots, child vaccinations, school physicals. You will need to continue your relationship with your conventional PCP or pediatrician for these services.

  • Can you serve as my child’s pediatrician?

    LSMC is not set up to provide general pediatric well-child care. We recommend that you continue your relationship with your pediatrician who can provide vaccinations, back-to-school physicals, and support during urgent care situations. However, we are happy to provide functional medicine support for ongoing complex health challenges including: ADD and ADHD, autism spectrum disorders, allergies, diabetes, GI challenges, immune challenges, and other chronic conditions.

  • Do you prescribe pharmaceutical medications?

    Yes, though not as a first line of treatment. We look for root causes first and focus on powerful nutritive and lifestyle changes. Then we prescribe pharmaceutical medications only if appropriate.

  • Can I meet with Dr. Bredesen?

    Dr. Bredesen is serving solely as a consulting physician and has personally mentored Dr. Apostol. Dr. Bredesen is not available for in-person clinic visits at this time.

  • Are you covered by insurance?

    We do accept Medicare and most medical insurances. The services we provide may also be covered with a HSA reimbursement. However, at times patients might incur out-of-pocket cost. The patient will be kept informed of all out of pocket services and given an option on whether they wish to proceed with recommended out of pocket tests and programs. We believe in full transparency at LSMC.

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