What is Functional Medicine?

Functional Medicine is focused on treating the individual, rather than the disease. Instead of symptoms based approach to medicine, functional medicine takes a whole-body approach to treatment.  


LifeSeasons Medical Clinic (LSMC) is grounded in Functional Medicine, drawing from both conventional medicine and clinically proven integrative therapies. We serve patients in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and throughout the United States through telemedicine and remote consulting. You’ll notice a difference with LSMC at your first appointment and throughout your treatment journey.


At LSMC, we take extra time in the diagnostic phase. Our testing provides a vivid picture of your overall health and nutritional status. We examine all your health risks including genetic and epigenetic risk factors, as well as your diet, lifestyle, environments, and relationships. You’ll experience a more comprehensive intake process with us.


You’ll often hear us talk about root causes. We have a unique attitude toward symptoms. First, we listen to your symptoms, because symptoms are always saying something important. They’re pointing to a root cause. As part of our functional medicine philosophy, we address root causes, instead of silencing symptoms, based on solid scientific research.


We conduct broad diagnostic tests, from standard blood work to more in-depth genetic, epigenetic, metabolic, and immune testing. We’re committed to find the over-looked clues that shed new light on your current situation.


We collaborate with you to develop treatment plans that aim to reverse the disease instead of covering up symptoms. We also aim to work in partnership with your Primary Care Provider (PCP) that you are already working with. We do not take that provider’s place.


Following our more comprehensive intake process we identify the individual strands in your web of health and develop an effective treatment plan. Disease reversal—not symptom management—is our highest goal.

Our treatment is based on your labs, your genetics, and your lifestyle right now. Then we give you the tools you need to make the changes that will yield the most powerful health effects. We help patients engage in a healthier lifestyle and work to prevent and reverse disease. This means less visits to the doctor, fewer prescriptions and less overall disease burden. LSMC provides the Functional Medicine guidance you need to experience tangible health transformation. This is truly personalized medicine.


LSMC is endorsed by world-renowned neurologist, Dr. Dale Bredesen and lead by respected board-certified physician Dr. Margaret Apostol. Dr. Bredesen is well known for his 40 years of research on cognitive decline and his New York Times Bestseller The End of Alzheimer’s, which details his groundbreaking plan on how to prevent and reverse Alzheimer’s. 

Dr. Apostol is dedicated to the whole-body treatment philosophy and it shines through in her practice at LifeSeasons Medical Clinic. Dr. Apostol has a deep understanding of how to orchestrate nutritional choices, supplements, novel functional medicine therapies, and conventional modalities in the right combination for each patient.

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